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Phywe X Ray Fluorescence Analysis

The composition of various alloys is analysed with the aid of polychromatic X-rays. The energy of the characteristic fluorescence lines of the alloy constituents is analysed with the aid of a semiconductor detector and a multichannel analyser. The alloy constituents are identified by comparing the line energies with the corresponding table values.

Power Electronics Training System by Lucas-Nuelle

MATLAB enables rapid prototyping of embedded open-loop and closed-loop control systems. System designs can first be investigated using a PC simulation. Then the next step is to apply the design to real hardware and test it. This kind of simulation-based learning is motivating and interesting to students. It enables drive systems, which are capable of operating in real time, to be programmed and tested using the model-based design methods used in industry.

Biogas plant CE 642

In a biogas plant, microorganisms biologically degradate the organic starting substances (substrate) under exclusion of light and oxygen. The product of this anaerobic degradation is a gas mixture which primarily consists of methane. This gas mixture is called biogas. The experimental plant CE 642 serves to demonstrate the generation of biogas in a practical manner.

EMONA TIMS Introduction

TIMS teaching concept and capabilities explained in this short 2 minutes video, by Alfred Breznik, the Co-founder and Technical Director at Emona-TIMS

Festech SF4.0 (Smart Factory 4.0)

Smart Factory 4.0 can monitor and data various manufacturing information made from a factory via integrated monitoring system. Customers can order customized products with various recipes. The information can be monitored and controlled by smartphone, tablet PC. 3 production factories cooperated each other to carry out various orders from customers. Production information is written as production report in real time. Also, it can find the shortest way for each recipe by data analysis, and distribute each load of 3 factories to improve productivity.

Lucas-Nülle. That’s how easy complicated can be

Excellence in Technology and Training Solutions Innovative and educationally proven training systems close to practice – for decades this is what Lucas-Nuelle has stood for. With the online platform VOCANTO, Lucas-Nuelle is now also setting new standards in the eLearning arena: graphically, educationally and by incorporating gamification content.

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One of the very few leading manufacturers of Equipment for
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