PLC Trainer (FPLC-T053)

User can save the training space.
PLC and other modules are combined.
4mm socket wiring

1 Push-button switch
2 Push-button switch (locking type)
3 Emergency switch
4 LED lamp
5 Buzzer
6 Digital counter relay
7 Double-acting cylinder
8 5/2-WAY single solenoid valve
9 5/2-WAY double solenoid valve

10 Electric limit switch (left)
11 Electric limit switch (right)
12 Inductive sensor
13 Capacitive sensor
14 Optical sensor
15 Motor speed controller
16 Rotary plate
17 MASTER-K PLC (Optional)

PLC program control
Buzzer and lamp operating
Digital counter
Various condition
DC geared motor control
Motor speed check
Principle and exercise of encoder
Cylinder control using solenoid valve

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PLC trainer

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