RMW 1 Mechanical Proficiencies In The Refrigeration Sector

The manual skills necessary for working in the refrigeration workshop should be taught in the mechanical workshop. All of the skills, starting with the basics of working metal materials with files and saws up to fabricating smaller workpieces with soldered and crimped connections, can be taught in the mechanical systems workshop. A possible final exercise here could be constructing workpieces involving pressure switches and electrical wiring.
The RMW1 equipment package includes work benches and furniture for the workshop. The workshop should be equipped with a supply of gas for soldering work and leak testing beforehand.
The equipment package does not contain any soldering accessories or soldering consumables, however.
An extraction system for removing soldering gases must be provided for on site too. Lucas-Nülle can put you in contact with one of our partner companies to help you with this.

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