Pneumatics training set, advanced level (FP-102)

  • Physical principles of pneumatic control system
  • Production and distribution of compressed air
  • Structure and characteristics of pneumatic cylinders
  • Calculation basic or advanced parameters
  • Function and use of pneumatic control valves
  • Recognizing and drawing of pneumatic symbols
  • Drawing of pneumatic circuit diagrams according to standard
  • Regulation and measurement of pressure
  • Direct and indirect actuation
  • Speed control circuits : Meter-in, Meter-out
  • Use of quick exhaust valves
  • Pneumatic logic controls
  • Representation of motion sequences and operating status
  • Pneumatic sequence controls
  • Pressure-dependent controls with pressure sequence valves
  • Position-dependent controls with limit switch valves
  • Time-dependent controls with time delay valves
  • Trouble-shooting in pneumatic control system
  • Safety regulations of the pneumatic system
  • Use of pilot operated check valves to stop pneumatic drives in any position
  • Displacement-step diagrams
  • Design circuit by cascade control circuit
  • Basic stepper control circuit
  • Self-latching circuits
  • Controls with peripheral conditions : single cycle/continuous cycle
  • Controls with safety conditions : Emergency Stop
  • Trouble-shooting in extensive pneumatic controls
  • End positions without limit switch valves
  • Back pressure signal generator

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