Project Description: Planning, delivery, and installation of new laboratories.
​​Laboratories Description:

Mechatronics Lab

· Lathe machine

· Milling machine

· Transfer Systems

· Processing

· Sorting

· Storage

· Robotics

· Programmable logic control (PLC)

Electrical Machines Lab

· DC machines

· Asynchronous machines

· Synchronous and slip-ring machines

· Stepper motors

·  BLDC/servo motors

· Linear motors

Communications Technology  Lab

· Analog Communications: AM, FM, DSB, SSB, PAM, TDM, PWM, Superheterodyne, Speech in comms, PLL, QAM, SNR CONCEPTS

· Digital Communications: PCM, PCM-TDM, ASK, BPSK, FSK, GFSK, Eye Patterns, DPSK, QPSK, Spread Spectrum, Line Coding, Delta Modulation, Noise Generation, SNR Concepts, and more

· Signals and Systems Experiments

· CDMA Experiments

· Frequency-hopping spread spectrum FHSS Experiments

· Fibre Optic Experments

· SONET Experiments

· Ultra Wideband UWB Experiments

· Digital Signal Processing  DSP Experiments

Antennas and Microwave Lab

· Antenna types and examples

· Physics of signal beams and reception

· Antenna impedance as well as matching

· Symmetry (Balun)

· Radiation characteristic in the near and far-fields

· Formation of directional gain diagrams

· Measurement of directional gain diagrams of various antennas

· Line propagation theory and line parameters

· Gunn oscillator: recording the current-voltage characteristic

· Slotted lines

· Reflection, standing wave ratio, and matching

· Measurement of wave propagation inside the waveguide, standing wave diagrams

· Waveguide dimensioning and operating frequency

· Shorting the waveguide termination, wavelengths

· Measuring the effects of dielectrics