Planning, delivery, and installation of new laboratories 

Process Control Lab

· Level Control

· Flow Control

· Pressure Control

· Temperature Control

· Speed Control

· Position Control

Unit Operations Lab

· learning the fundamentals of flow through fixed beds and fluidized beds (Darcy)

· observation of the fluidization process

· pressure loss depends on the flow rate, type, particle size, and height of the bulk solid

· determination of the fluidization velocity and comparison with theoretically calculated values

· verification of Carman-Kozeny equation

Mass and Heat Transfer Lab

· determine the thermal conductivity λ of different materials

· determine the thermal resistance

· thermal conductivity λ for several samples connected in series (up to a thickness of 50mm)

· Basic information on the fluidization of fixed beds

· Pressure curve within the bed

· Pressure losses depending on flow velocity &particle size of the bulk solid

· Determination of the fluidization velocity

· Heat transfer in the fluidized bed:

·  influence of the airflow rate on the heat transfer

·  influence of the heater position

·  influence of the particle size

·  determination of the heat transfer coefficient